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i want to embed the current Gecko in my WPF-Project. i know there is the possibility with the Winforms-Host and the Skybound-Gecko-Libary.

But i use not the standard wpf-theme für my application. its another and the scrollbar of the control will not be styled. furthermore this is an old libary which is designed for firefox 3.

which is the best libary/strategy to use the current gecko in wpf? thanks for your help

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Does it have to be FF or do you just want a proper browser? –  albertjan Sep 26 '11 at 8:59
it does not have to be ff, but would the best. a similar bunch of features like skybound gecko is ok (basic navigation and a mousemove-event to read the htmldom at the cursor). the IE is no alternative for me –  0xDEADBEEF Sep 26 '11 at 9:19

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You should have a look at these options, they all use Chromium:

paid: (Awesomium-based)

free: (Chrome Embedded Framework-based)

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Question is about Gecko, not webkit/blink –  Alex Lapa Jul 6 at 2:09
You're right but at the time i gave this answer there were no solutions using gecko. Rather then saying that I gave an alternative. –  albertjan Jul 8 at 18:14
I did ask the OP before answering. –  albertjan Jul 8 at 18:15
You should understand that it all gets indexed by google and misleading a lot of people searching for specific answer. Anyway, it's my opinion, don't want to fight over it:) –  Alex Lapa Jul 12 at 4:11

WebKit.Net is free: http://sourceforge.net/projects/webkitdotnet/

Their GitHub page seems to have been more recently updated: https://github.com/webkitdotnet

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