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I am getting the last element of the form which has got value, now i want to find the id of next input element which is in next div...

 var elem1 =$(':text[name^=distanceSlab][value!=""]').last(); 
 var nextElemId = // find the id of next input element which is in next div

the corresponding html code is

 <div id ="divid4">
  <input type="text"  id ="slab4" value ="1"/> // this is the last elemnt which has value

 <div id ="div1d5">
      <input type="text"  id ="slab5" value =""/> // need to find the id of this element
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Assuming that you're starting from the input that you've already identified, then:


JS Fiddle.


var thisIndex = $(this).index('input:text');

var next = thisIndex + 1;

var nextElemId = $('input:text').eq(next).attr('id');

JS Fiddle.

I'd probably put those into a blur(), or similar, event.

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