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I'm using Zend Studio for Eclipise on Mac, and it seems to keep setting all files to have and encoding of 'Mac Roman'. This becomes problematic when I save the files, as they all need to be UTF-8.

I know how to change the encoding to UTF-8 on a file by file basis, but I was wondering if I could set this project wide?

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  • Eclipse-Wide: Window->Preferences->Appearence->Workspace
  • Project-Wide: Rightclick on Project->Properties
  • Filewide: Rightclick on File->Properties
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On my Eclipse for PHP Helios SR 2 for Mac:

  • Eclipse-Wide: Eclipse->Preferences->General->Workspace

The others are the same as @SkaveRat

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On a Zend Studio 8.x,for Mac osx 10.5.8 I changed it like this:

Top menu chose: Edit->Set encoding->Other: UTF-8,. By default it is set Mac Roman.

And then apply.

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Just remember, php does not actually support utf-8 encoded sourcefiles. When creating strings in a utf-8 encoded file, php will just see 2 static bytes per character.

Try running the following with either utf-8 or ISO-8859-1 enconding. strlen() will report different lengths depending on encoding.

$string = "äüö";
echo (strlen($string));
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That's irrelevant. PHP can handle UTF-8 (as long as the damn Eclipse doesn't screw it up), you just need to use mb_* functions instead. –  porneL Aug 27 '09 at 16:31
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