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Zend_Form has a few problems for my use cases.

HTML_QuickForm2 looks dead (frozen in alpha for almost a year).

What is a good standalone alternative to these?

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The Symfony 1.1 forms system is fully decoupled from the framework, so you should be able to use it on its own. Not sure if it will meet your use cases any better than Zend_Form or not.

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Im in the same situation as you, depending on the project i've turned it around and used CakePHP or Symfony tools for generating the forms and a blend of plain x/html form coding. This of course forces you to use a complete framework, but it does have many advantages worth considering.

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advantages, such as? –  Jessica Brown Aug 26 '11 at 21:22

Even though QuickForm hasn't had an update for a while, it's really a pretty extensive and complete library. Even though they haven't had an update in a while, I wouldn't rule it out. Since Pear projects are open source other people can step in and make updates to them when the original authors give up.

One of the nice things about pear is how nicely everything snaps together.

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