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I'm looking into implementing a web page to show the user's news feed with real-time updates, without using simple polling to the facebook servers.
after browsing through similar questions:

As I understand - long polling (see Comet model) is the most preferable way for me to achieve "push"-like events for when a new post is added to a user's feed.

I'm using javascript, on IE browser (6 and above), and the page is actually stored locally, and not on a server.

I'm aware of the real-time updates subscription graph API, but as I mentioned, my page will run locally, not on a server (not even localhost), that's why long polling seems so attractive at the moment.

My question is - does anyone know if and how long polling (or any other Comet model alternative) is available to use via the Facebook API? or maybe any other suggestions?


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I think the only long polling available is for the chat API. Otherwise you're stuck with either real-time updates or using a javascript timer to poll.

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