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On client side I have Apache HTTP client on jdk5u22. On server side I have tomcat on jdk6u27.

With this setup if I try SSL Client authentication (2 way SSL) then it cause " Insecure renegotiation is not allowed" on the server and handshake fails. It succeeds if I set system properties and on server.

As per the link this is coz JRE6u27 has the RFC 5746 implementation and JRE5u26 below doesnt have this and so both are incompatible. Unfortunately 5u22 is the latest freely available java 5 version. So I want to know if it is possible to have SSL client authentication without ssl re-negotiation.

Regards, Litty Preeth

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As per the redhat site : Tomcat may ask the client to renegotiate in certain configurations using client certificate authentication, for example, configurations where: A client certificate is not required on the initial connection, such as when: 1. The clientAuth attribute of the HTTPS connector using JSSE is set to false. Or The SSLVerifyClient attribute of the HTTPS connector using OpenSSL is set to none. AND 2. A web application specifies the CLIENT-CERT authentication method in the login-config section of the application's web.xml file.

So to avoid re-negotiation in tomcat just make the whole site secure and not just a part of it by setting clientAuth="true" for ssl .

Hope this helps someone.

Regards, Litty

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