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I have three different accordions in three different dom elements, when I move one accordion section to another accordion section programmatically on a click of move button, I'm recreating all the accordions on the page. I want the selected accordion to be opened/expanded in the moved accordion. But the moved accordion is sometimes collapsed and other times expanded. I think this is happening because after recreating the accordion, it fires the change event and becomes collapsed.

Can any one suggest a solution how to stop that accordion change event after recreating the accordion. I'm already using the suggestion in this post

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Store the accordion options in a variable so you can use it over and over again. Then, when you destroy the accordion, set which pane you want open/active (integer):

accord_options.active = 3; // This is the number value of the accordion pane you want open. Accordion panes start at 0.

If you need further control over when the accordion fires, you can use an empty event in the accordion options:

accord_options = {
    event: '',

Then create a function to handle accordion clicks:

$('#accordion_1 h3').click(function()
    if (something_happens)
        // we don't want the accordion to activate here
        return false;

    // to activate an accordion pane:
    $selector.accordion('activate', $('#accordion_1 h3').index(this));

    return false;

Add your own code to the above click method to handle whether or not you want an accordion pane to activate.

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