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I have 2 Entities, each of which is managed by EF Code First, and each happily sitting in its own table. Entity_A has a property, called "SumTotal", which should be the sum of a specific column in Entity_B that matches a certain criteria.

SumTotal should not be persisted in the DB, but rather calculated each time an instance of Entity_A is retrieved.

I have looked at ComputedColumns, but it appears that the computedcolumn can only be defined relative to columns in the same table.

I also have a feeling that I need to set SumTotal to NotMapped (or something similar with AutoGenerated), but dont know how to get the actual value into SumTotal.

Hope this question makes sense, thanks in advance

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You can project the results to an anonymous object and transform that it to your entity

var projection = db.EntityAs.Where(/* */)
        .Select(a => new {A = a, Sum = a.Bs.Sum(b => b.Total)})

foreach(p in projection)
  p.A.SumTotal = p.Sum;

var As = projection.Select(p => p.A);
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Ah, I see. Thanks for the answer. Is there a more succinct way to do it? I was thinking along the lines of a subquery or join or similar, kind of like you would do if it were straight SQL. It seems like a join and extraction of the needed value – Joe Sep 29 '11 at 2:17

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