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I have a table kind of:

...some td's with not needed links
<td>Adress stree 55</td>
<td>00000 City</td>
<a href="http://www.adress.xy/file.kml" target="_self">
<img align="top" border="1" src="/custom/img/kml.gif" alt="Details" title="Details" />

I use this query to get the innertext information:

HtmlDocumet doc = new HtmlDocument();
        var node = doc.DocumentNode.Descendants("table")
            .FirstOrDefault(x => x.Attributes["style"].Value == "table-layout:auto")
            .Select(tr => tr.Elements("td").Select(td => td.InnerText).ToArray)).ToArray();

but I would also like to add to the array an url with .kml links. So the question is: how is it possible to merge querys to get innertext and the kml link?

the result of this query is:


where i= number of tr- elements and j - number of td- elements



I would like also to have: string[i][4] = "http://www.adress.xy/file.kml"

P.S. the whole table is here.

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Could you include a more complete example of your table and explain precisely what you are trying to make arrays of? Give some examples of what data you want and how you want it presented. It isn't clear to me what you're trying to get since your explanation and code references elements that you do not show in your examples. – Jeff Mercado Sep 26 '11 at 10:24
here is the table: I get a string[][] back. so that string[0][0]="1010", [0][1]="Building" The first array adress increments with new <tr> and the second one with new <td> element – Pamp Sep 26 '11 at 11:31
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I wouldn't worry about getting arrays of arrays, it would be better if you got lists instead.

const string url = "";
const string kml = "http://www.adress.xy/file.kml";
var newKml = new[] { kml };

var web = new HtmlWeb();
var doc = web.Load(url);
var xpath = "//table[@style='table-layout:auto']/tr[td]";
var rows = doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes(xpath);
var table = rows
    .Select(row =>
           .Select(col => System.Net.WebUtility.HtmlDecode(col.InnerText))

I would consider making an anonymous type to represent your rows that way you could give more useful names you your columns. Perhaps even put the results in a DataTable instead.

Just in case you won't be able to use xpath for whatever reason (or you wanted to know the equivalent LINQ queries), you could replace the line that uses the xpath with this:

var rows = doc.DocumentNode.Descendants("table")
    .Where(t => t.Attributes["style"].Value == "table-layout:auto")
    .SelectMany(t => t.Elements("tr").Where(tr => tr.Elements("td").Any()));
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Windows Phone don't support XPath. – Claus Jørgensen Sep 27 '11 at 1:40
Wait, this is XPath within HAP not the framework so that shouldn't matter. But even if it wasn't supported, it could be easily corrected. – Jeff Mercado Sep 27 '11 at 1:49
The HAP package for Windows Phone don't have the XPath, as it have a dependency on System.Xml.Xpath which isn't available ;-) But yes, it's easy to workaround, just thought I'd mention it. – Claus Jørgensen Sep 27 '11 at 1:52
A relative new project to emulate XPath support is described in this blog post – Claus Jørgensen Sep 27 '11 at 1:57
Ah, thanks for pointing that out. I thought all implementations had the same features. – Jeff Mercado Sep 27 '11 at 2:05

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