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I'm trying to use setMask to create 3 "windows" of masked movieClips in AS2 (CS3).

The main window is masked fine.

After clicking a button, I'm creating two additional windows, but the refuse to be masked No error, it's just that the mask is not applied, and the mask rectangle is still visible.

All 3 windows are masked using the same function, with different MC parameter.

I have nested MCs, but basically, the main window is masked as:


where mainWindow_PlanMask contains an MC with a red rectangle. (Note: I'm using MovieClip variables and I posted here their movieclip traced path. This works fine.

After pressing a button, I'm setting two more masks:



side0_PlanMask and side1_PlanMask contain rectangles too. But in these cases, the red rectangle is kept visible and the mask is not applied. I have no idea why. Any help will be appreciated.

[Edit] applying cacheAsBitmap all MCs from both mask and masked MCs to the _root caused the first mask operation not to work as well.

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Masks in Flash can be unpredictable. Try setting cacheAsBitmap to true for everything.


Try setting cacheAsBitmap to true for each movieclip going down from the _root. Try Embedding all fonts on any textfields that are inside the movieclip you are masking - infact make sure you have embedded all your fonts everywhere.

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I've set cacheAsBitmap to true on the MC and the mask MC, before the setMask and after the setMask. Didn't work. It was a good idea, though. I'm looking for such insights since I already tried so many changes... Thanks. –  Eliram Apr 16 '09 at 10:40

it's hard to help you debug with the provided information

you can try:

  1. make sure you have correctly named the movieclips with an incorrect instance names (sometimes you will find that you forgot to name some of the movieclips)

  2. open a new fla and make a much more simple version of the things that you want to do, so that you can isolate the errors.

btw, not really necessary, but try using _root instead of _level0, it will be clearer.

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I'm not using _level0 nor _root. I'm using MovieClip variables, I just posted their paths here (as displayed by a trace command). 1. All the MCs are created dynamically in AS, so I can't really forget to name any. 2. The first example IS working, and I'm using the same function. –  Eliram Apr 16 '09 at 10:33

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