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Here is my animation code:

 Ext.Anim.run(loginform, 'slide', {
                                        out: true,
                                        direction: 'left',
                                        autoClear: false

And here is my loginform:

loginform = new Ext.form.FormPanel({ 
    url: 'login.php',
    standardSubmit : false,
    style: 'margin-top: 60px',
    items: [...]

And in relation to the page:

myapp.cards.home = new Ext.Panel({
        scroll: 'vertical',
        id: "home-card",
        items: [header, loginform]

The animation code is ran on successful submit of the form. However after loginform slides to the left it doesn't completely dissapear off the screen.

Please help.

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you may need to update your sencha version with the new one !

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I am using the latest version. –  Hard worker Sep 27 '11 at 10:32

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