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We would like to test the following flow using Canoo. The tests are written in Groovy, and not as Ant tasks.

  1. Send a request to a specific URL (we use "invoke")
  2. Extract specific information from the response (we use "storeRegEx" with property:"ans")
  3. Print the extracted value (for debug purposes). println "${ans}" - does not work
  4. Use the extracted value in the next action (e.g. invoke "new/url/id=#{ans}")

We saw some references to using an AntBuilder, it fails as well.
Is there some example for that flow?

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Please post code... –  proflux Sep 26 '11 at 15:12
Independently of your test, make sure your regex actually works the way you think it does with the input URL. –  mongiesama Dec 7 '11 at 22:26

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remember that it depends on the ant property type (dynamic or ant) whether you have to use #{ans} or ${ans}

println will not work in webtests. Use the description property of webtest steps instead:

group(description:"#{ans}") {

this will show you the value of your property in the test result.

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