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Basic question but I've searched and can't quite get this nailed - how can I create 1 variable from several others? I then want to get that into an array.

Something like this (obviously the syntax is wrong!):


$full_address = $name, $address, $post_code;
$address[] = $full_address;

My php is very basic so go easy on the abuse!

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$address = array( $name, $address, $post_code ); – rabudde Sep 26 '11 at 12:36
You can concatenate, like you've basically done, or you can add each to an array. Can you explain a bit more about what you actually want to get/see at the end? – Jon Stirling Sep 26 '11 at 12:37

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Do you mean this basic or how you want it to be done:

$separator = " ";
$full_address = "{$name}{$separator}{$address}{$separator}{$postcode}";
$address[] = $full_address;
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Why not just implode($separator,array($name,$address,$postcode)) in this situation? – Brad Christie Sep 26 '11 at 12:41
@Olli It worked so not going to mess with it!! – Rob Sep 26 '11 at 13:06
ok, thank you. -Olli – Olli Sep 26 '11 at 13:33

You can do it several ways:

// using sprintf
$address[] = sprintf('%s, %s, %s', $name, $address, $post_code);

// using "Traditional" concatenation
$address[] = "$name, $address, $post_code";

// other version of concatenation
$address[] = $name . ", " . $address . ", " . $post_code;

Or if you want them as an array:

// regular array
$address[] = array($name, $address, $post_code);
// $address[n][0] = name
// $address[n][1] = address
// $address[n][2] = post_code

// keyed array
$address[] = array(
  'name' => $name,
  'address' => $address,
  'post_code' => $post_code
// $address[n]['name'] = name
// $address[n]['address'] = address
// $address[n]['post_code'] = post_code  
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Since noone else mentioned it, compact()

$name = 'Mike';
$address = '123 Main St';
$post_code = '55555';

$full_address = compact('name', 'address', 'post_code');

/* Output:
array(3) {
  string(4) "Mike"
  string(11) "123 Main St"
  string(5) "55555"
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+1, taught me a new trick :) – NightMICU Sep 26 '11 at 13:11

Are you simply wanting to append several strings to each other?

If so the correct syntax is this:

$name = 'Dave Random';
$address = 'Some place, some other place';
$post_code = 'AB123CD';

$merged = $name.$address.$post_code;

...using . (dot) to concatentate them. You will probably want to insert a line break, comma etc between them:

$merged = $name.', '.$address.', '.$post_code;

Alternatively, you can specify them all in one new string like this:

$merged = "$name, $address, $post_code";

...note the use of doubles quotes instead of single. It would probably do you well to read this.

Alternatively, you can store them as separate values in an array like this:

$myArray = array();
$myArray['name'] = 'Dave Random';
$myArray['address'] = 'Some place, some other place';
$myArray['post_code'] = 'AB123CD';

...or this:

$myArray = array(
  'name' => 'Dave Random',
  'address' => 'Some place, some other place',
  'post_code' => 'AB123CD'

...and your can convert that array to a string with implode():

$merged = implode(', ',$myArray);
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For a simple array:

$full_address = array($name, $address, $post_code);

For an associative array:

$full_address = array('name'=>$name, 'address'=>$address, 'zip'=>$post_code);
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Do you want to concatenate strings? You should use string concatenation operator ".". For example:

$s1 = "foo";
$s2 = "bar";
$s3 = "blabla";
$final_string = $s1 . " " . $s2 . $s3;
echo $final_string; // output: "foo barblabla"
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What you are trying to do is called string concatenation and this is done in PHP with the .-Operator

$name = "Foo";
$address = "Barstreet 1";
$post_code = "12345 Foobar";

$full_address = $name . ", " . $address . ", " . $post_code
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You're pretty much almost there.

$name = 'Your name';
$address = 'Your address';
$post_code = 'Your post code';

$full_address = "$name, $address, $post_code";
$address[] = $full_address;
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if you want to concatenate name adress and postcode you can do:

$address[] = $name.$address.$post_code;
$address[] = "$name $address $post_code";

if what you want is to add each of the field to the adress array you can do this as :

$address = array($name,$address,$post_code);
$address[] = $name;
$address[] = $address;
$address[] = $post_code;
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You could take a look at standard object:

$address = new stdClass;
$address->postcode = '02115';
$address->name = "John Connor';

or create an Address class by itself, it will be quite useful in your app.

class Address {

     public function __construct ($name, $address) {...}
     public function getFullAddress() {...} // or other useful functions
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