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I recently started a new project, however i normally use the dev version (trunk) to get the most recently version of framework, but now in this version (v1.1.9-dev) after created a new app using webapp command when I tried to use any yiic command nothing happened.

I try to run migrate command and yiic shell but the prompt just returns without any error or any message.

have you ever had this problem too?

How can'I debug this problem?

Thanks advance.

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I wouldn't spend time trying to debug the dev version, but did you look at known issues? Have you checked the forums, etc.? The dev version warns Use this code at your own risk. Unreleased source code in SVN may contain incomplete API definitions and known bugs. This code is subject to change without notice. –  ldg Sep 26 '11 at 15:29
Yes, I checked the forum, but can't found any similar response. I have created a topic too but without answer yet. –  GodFather Sep 26 '11 at 18:36

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