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Following is the scenario: I've integrated HMVC in CodeIgniter 2.0.2. Created a module with following structure.






controller/login.php code

class Login extends CI_Controller{
    public function index(){
       //load login form view
    public function authenticate(){
       $model = $this->load->model('login'); //tried with Login
       $model->validate(); //shows error here


<form name='LoginForm' method='post' action='/login/authenticate'>


class Login extends CI_Model{
  public function validate(){
    echo $this->input->post('EmailId');
    echo $this->input->post('Pword');

output: got error indicating undefined method Login::validate() When created validate() method in controller Login it works. But it shouldn't happen.. even though I'm loading a model with name Login why it points to Login Controller.

Can anyone could help me out. The way I did is it correct? Suggestions welcomed...

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You are loading and accessing your model incorrectly. Take a look at the documentation for more examples.

Change your authenticate() method to:

public function authenticate() {
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