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I am creating an online multi-layered GD image creation tool. Users can upload new images to the server to add to the GD produced image. I want to be able to store the gd image and all user uploaded files throughout the php session duration. The user can then choose to save these files permantly to their account but the default behaviour will be to delete the unused files after the session expires.

Does anyone have any pointers for me to explore?


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I see 2 possibilities here.

  1. Set a custom session handler which will define a garbage collection function to remove old images.

  2. Another easy solution would be to use a CRON. You run it every 10 minutes and delete old images.

Disadvantage of the first solution will be that sometimes a user will get a longer load time because your garbage collection ran.

Disadvantage of the 2nd solution is you may not have access to this on a non-dedicated server.

You can also combine both solutions. I would probably do that.

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You don't get notified when a session expires. This just happens in the background. What you can do is have a task running in some sort of regular interval (let's say every hour) chat checks all files in the temporary directory and deletes all files that haven't been touched in a certain amount of time. filemtime() is your friend here.

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