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I would like to build a table league from matches (scores and rounds).

I succceeded from my SQL Server database to calculate points for each teams and matches but I would like now to generate a table league.. (football)

Some one can help me please?

SELECT     TOP (100) PERCENT dbo.jos_joomleague_matches.match_id, AS Team, AS Team2, 
                      dbo.jos_joomleague_matches.match_date, dbo.jos_joomleague_matches.matchpart1_result, dbo.jos_joomleague_matches.matchpart2_result, 
                      CASE WHEN dbo.jos_joomleague_matches.matchpart1_result > dbo.jos_joomleague_matches.matchpart2_result THEN 3 WHEN dbo.jos_joomleague_matches.matchpart1_result
                       = dbo.jos_joomleague_matches.matchpart2_result THEN 1 ELSE 0 END AS ptsclub1HOME, 
                      CASE WHEN dbo.jos_joomleague_matches.matchpart2_result > dbo.jos_joomleague_matches.matchpart1_result THEN 3 WHEN dbo.jos_joomleague_matches.matchpart2_result
                       = dbo.jos_joomleague_matches.matchpart1_result THEN 1 ELSE 0 END AS ptsclub2AWAY
FROM         dbo.jos_joomleague_rounds INNER JOIN
                      dbo.jos_joomleague_clubs AS jos_joomleague_clubs_1 INNER JOIN
                      dbo.jos_joomleague_matches INNER JOIN
                      dbo.jos_joomleague_clubs ON dbo.jos_joomleague_matches.matchpart1 = ON 
             = dbo.jos_joomleague_matches.matchpart2 ON = dbo.jos_joomleague_matches.round_id
ORDER BY dbo.jos_joomleague_matches.match_date


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Show us (1) Your current table structure and a few rows of example data (2) Your desired results. –  Martin Smith Sep 26 '11 at 13:15
What is the question? You describe something you want but not anything you have done, no table structures, no starting point. –  JNK Sep 26 '11 at 13:16

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Start with an natural language description of your problem before you create tables. Think about the relationships:

A league has many teams. A match has two teams that play on a given date and has a specific outcome.

I see three tables: league, team, and match. Start with those.

You're premature if you're thinking about queries already. Get the basic table structure right first.

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