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I want to create a custom confirm box like this

var should_I_move_forward = myconfirmbox();

myconfirmbox will show a popup with Yes/No button, I want to pause the execution here until user hit yes or no, how can I achieve it?

i.e. same functionality as of js confirm method buy my own UI.

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Pause the execution of what? Just have a callback from the confirm box – Richard Dalton Sep 26 '11 at 13:26
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You can't.

You will have to move the logic that follows the confirmation inside the myconfirmbox method, or pass it as parameters (to call on demand)..

something like

function ConfirmYes(){
  // do something for Yes

function ConfirmNo(){
  // do something for No 

function myconfirmbox(yesCallback, noCallback){

    // whatever you currently do and at the end

    if (confirmation == 'yes'){
    } else {


myconfirmbox(ConfirmYes, ConfirmNo);
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What I did is not elegant at all but it working fine for me! I create a custom confirm function like:

function jqConf(msg,y,n){
     $('body').append('<div id="confirmBox">msg</div>');
     $('#confirmBox').append('<div id="confirmButtons"></div>');
     $('#confirmButtons').append('<button onclick="'+y+'();">Yes</button>');
     $('#confirmButtons').append('<button onclick="'+n+'();">No</button>');

function defaultYes(){

function defaultNo(){
     alert('No action taken!');

The I use it like this:

<button onclick="jqConf('Do you love me?','defaultYes','defaultNo')">Confirm</button>

This way I pass as a string the name of the function to run if Yes and if No individually and is executed by the user event.

As I say, nothing elegant but it works!, no loops or confusing codes, I think?, In the example I'm using jQuery but can be accomplish with plain JavaScript too!

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