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I am trying to implement an offline map content into my android app. I need not so much detailed map just for a specific area and mark some places over it. a zoomable and scrollable image seems to be enough for me.

First question is; 1-) what is the best option for offline map in android? My constraint is that my app couldn't use any internet connection. Do I have to use an imageview (by adding button markers on it) or can I use any offline data for Mapview?

I have searched a lot for using imageview as map but couldn't get so much result.

my basic question for imageview is; 2-) How can I add a marker(a button) on a specific position of imageview?

I have found some sample code for scrolling and zoom and implemented them (Scrollview has no diagonal scroll as default) but I couldn't find a way to add marker to an scrollable, zoomable imageview.

Please don't think on sample code, just assume that imageview is in an scrollview and I try to add a marker(button) on it.

Thanks in advance

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how exactly do you implement zoom ? you need to replace image upon zooming in unless you got map rendering engine that can take vectorial data and transform it into a bitmap and use it (like iGO des). regarding adding markers, basically scroll view extends FrameLayout and can take only one child so you must put either a framelayout OR absolute layout so you can place views anywhere. then you can add your image either as background or place the imageview to fill the parent. – codeScriber Sep 26 '11 at 19:36
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There are other options such as OSMDroid: But personal experience of this library would recommend using an imageview if you can and don't require zooming in and out and having performance issue.

You can have a scrollview, containing a horizontal scrollview, which can then contain a relative layout with an imageview taking up the space. Then add the markers to the relative layout and position accordingly.

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thank you very much (: it really helped me. Is there any way to implement diagonal scroll with scrollviews? – user965018 Sep 28 '11 at 15:49
The combination of HorizontalScrollView and ScrollView will give you diagonal scrolling, but you may need to pass the touch events from the root scrollview down to the child scrollview – Gaunt Face Sep 29 '11 at 20:28

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