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How can I insert '\n' ( a new line) into a string, to be custom displayed on the device's screen ? The code :

String s3="";
for(int i=0; i<timp.size(); i++)
s3 = s3 + sbt.get(i);

That's how I form the string . Now I would like to put '\n' on the s3.charAt(55) position . Thanks.

PS : I Don't want to replace the character on the s3.charAt(55) , I just want to add the newline there .

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String yourLongString = "...A huge line of string";
String preLongStr = yourLongString.subString(0, 55);
String postLongStr =  yourLongString.subString(55);

String finalString = preLongStr + "\n" + postLongStr;
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You could do it like this:

String first = s3.substring( 0, 55 );
String second = s3.substring( 56, s3.length );
s3 = first + "\n" + second;

Or change your for-loop by adding this after you append to s3 (if the string just needs to break as soon as it exceeds 55 characters.)

if( s3.length > 55 )
  s3 += "\n";
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