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I'm still writing my simple MVC for learning and eventually make a framework for my applications and now I'm writing the routing class and have faced dilemma. Since this community is big, I wanted to hear different opinions before continue. At some point entered URL might not match any controller or there might be a controller with unreadable file. Now I'm faced with dilemma on how do I notify user of the situation.

First option that I see is throwing an exception. This is easy option but catching exceptions might be a problem and it is not centralized.

Another is calling error controller populating a message error or fixed error. There might be other options and I would like to hear from you buddies.

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I went with either including the file or redirecting to error page

 if (file_exists($file_path) && is_readable($file_path)) {
                //the file is valid, include it
                require $file_path;
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