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I need to change the width of an image with in a toggled div. The problem is that I have multiple toggles on the page and that all the image width's change when I click on the toggle link and not just the on one within the div that I want

$('.toggle').click(function() {

 if ($(this).html() === 'less') {
        $('.guideImage img').animate({
            width: '187px',
            height: '124px'
          }, 50, function() {

    } else {

        $('.guideImage img').animate({
        width: '300px',
        height: '124px'
      }, 50, function() {

return false;


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$('.guideImage img', this).animate({


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Hard to tell without all the code, but I think this might work.


$('.guideImage img').animate(


$(this).prev('.guidebox').find('.guideImage img').animate(

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thanks. I had to use .parent instead as it was outside but now working :) –  kristina Sep 26 '11 at 15:54

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