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It seems to be the following syntax didn't work. Do we have any alternate query for this?


As we know, from() and fetch() will work only on JPAQueryobject and the above code will produce List instead of JPAQueryobject.

Please note that queryStr combines 2 different models.

Is there anyway to get JPAQueryobject from the above query? So that I can use from and fetch.

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Could you be a little more precise about the "didn't work" part? Do you have any error, or something like that?

On my application, I implemented some pagination features, and an example of the JPA query is this one (News is one model of my application):

public static void news(int size, int page) {
    // 'size' is the number of elements displayed per page
    // 'page' is the current page index, starting from 1.
    int start = page * size;
    List<News> allNews = News.find("order by date desc").from(start).fetch(size);
    // Once the list of news is found, we return them in Json format...
    renderJSON(allNews, new NewsJsonSerializer());

Regarding your edit: The method createQuery returns a Query object. Thus, you can use setFirstResult() method and setMaxResults() instead of from() and fetch(). Applied on your code, your query now looks like:

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Thank you very much for answer. I have edited the question and it's more clear now. –  Siva Sep 27 '11 at 3:18
@Siva I've edited my post to give you another example of code, which is closer to your suggestion. I think it is what you are looking for... –  romaintaz Sep 27 '11 at 7:28

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