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Let's say I have When I'm branching this using svn copy I want to append a line to the top of the file.

Is this possible to do? Or can it not be done?


svn copy -rHEAD file:///svn/repo/trunk/ file:///svn/repo/branches/
(Add line to the top of the branched file)
svn commit -m "Branching"

Should be easy!

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The flavour of svn copy you have chosen will do the copy from one repository location to another repository location atomically. In that case your svn commit is not necessary.

You have two choices:

  1. Branch, checkout (or switch) modify the script, checkin, OR
  2. Modify script in your workingcopy and do svn copy . $DEST_URL. This will take the state of your working copy and create a new branch for you.

More automation is not possible in a clean way, because modifying hook scripts on the repository/server side are considered evil by the Subversion developers.

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I've looked into hooks and they are pretty horrid, hens why I want to do it this way. The problem with checking in and out is I want this to be usable my multiple users, so the only "known" directory structure is the repo. Might have to reconsider how I do this. – jdborg Sep 26 '11 at 15:57

You want to prepend when adding lines to the beginning of a file. From

echo "My New Line"|cat - yourfile > /tmp/out && mv /tmp/out yourfile
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You can't open file:///svn/repo/trunk/ – jdborg Sep 26 '11 at 15:25

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