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I am just getting started using NAnt. I was working from a tutorial, and just trying to set a target to clean my solution on build. My Visual Studio Solution structure is as follows:

  • Solution Folder
    • Project Folder
    • Project Folder
    • Tools Folder
      • NAnt Folder

The NAnt .exe file resides in the Tools/NAnt folder. My .build file is also in there. Here is my .build file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<project name="NAntTest" default="build" xmlns="http://nant.sf.net/release/0.86-beta1/nant.xsd">
  <property name="solution.file.name" value="NAntTest.sln" />
  <property name="project.config" value="debug" />

  <target name="build" depends="clean.source" />

  <target name="clean.source">
    <exec program="${framework::get-framework-directory(framework::get-target-framework())}\msbuild.exe"
          commandline="${solution.file.name} /t:Clean /p:Configuration=${project.config} /v:q" 


This is how the example I am following was formatted. If I try to run this build, I get an error stating that the project file does not exist. In the clean.source target, if I replace the workingdir attribute with a hard coded path to my base solution folder, the script compiles and runs correctly. Obviously, this is not ideal for portability if I need to move the project anywhere.

How do I get NAnt to see the base working directory?

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My recommendation is to always place the build file at solution level. Then all relative paths in the build file will be equal to that of the solution.

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Moving this up into the solution directory worked. Thanks for the help! – Mark Struzinski Apr 16 '09 at 12:19
Hm, a downvote? Why? – Peter Lillevold Mar 18 '11 at 16:07
It'll work, but I mean, the advice isn't exactly sound. Just set basedir appropriately. (Btw, wasn't me that downvoted.) – BrainSlugs83 Apr 2 '14 at 19:25

There is not builtin function to change the current directory, but you can create one in a script block :

  <target name="foo">
    <echo message="Current directory set to ${directory::set-current-directory('C:')}"/>
    <echo message="Current directory is now ${directory::get-current-directory()}"/>

  <script language="C#" prefix="directory">
    public static string SetCurrentDirectory(string path)
      return path;

Of course, you should avoid relying on the current directory in your scripts or in your code.

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You could try setting the basedir attribute of the project node. This may resolve your problem.

<project name="NAntTest" default="build" basedir="C:\Code\MyProject" xmlns="http://nant.sf.net/release/0.86-beta1/nant.xsd">
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You should probably set the basedir using a relative path (i.e. "..\.."). – BrainSlugs83 Apr 2 '14 at 19:24
This is the correct answer, along with the comment to use a relative path. – Josh M. Jun 25 '15 at 21:23

If you set the verbose attribute of the nant exec task then it will spit out the exact command line that it generated. Not sure what your specific problem is regarding executing msbuild - I've been using the nantcontrib msbuild task instead.

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There is now a workingdir attribute you can define on your exec element.

According to the documentation, workingdir refers to "The directory in which the command will be executed.".

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