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I'm trying to understand a point in Microsoft's Font Redistribution FAQ.

In "Can I embed Microsoft fonts in my documents?", it's written "'Editable' fonts can be embedded within content that can be edited by the user".

But what exactly is meant by "content"? For example, let's say I have an application and this application comes with a BMP image showing some text. Does the license allow this? My understanding is that it does but I'd just like to make sure. I'd really appreciate is someone could clarify or point me to the right FAQ or article.

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If the font was used only to draw text in the bitmap then it got turned into pixels that cannot be reverse-engineered back to the original font. No restrictions on that. – Hans Passant Sep 26 '11 at 15:31
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You're getting into the realm of a legal question here, and as always legal questions must be answered by a lawyer. I am not a lawyer. The following only represents my own personal opinion.

An image does not embed a font, because the image does not contain the instructions for creating the letter shapes. It is a piece of artwork that used the font during its creation.

An embedded font would be part of a Word document or PDF file for example, where the software is displaying the characters on the fly.

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The licence allows that. You aren't actually embedding a font when you rasterize it so that section of the FAQ simply is not relevant.

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