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I am planning to write a subscription based application which will allow users to do the following:

  • Subscribe/Sign-up to a plan (will select from multiple plans available)
  • Will use subscription based billing solution e.g. Recurly, Chargify.
  • Each client/user will see its own data
  • Will have a REST API
  • For now the plan is to have a shared database with multiple clients/users; but in future may need to scale to multi-tenant architecture.

I was wondering if there's already such an application available an open-source example. Any comments, reference to books is really appreciated.

Technologies I plan to use: Ruby on Rails, MySQL.

One of my primary requirement is to build a cost efficient solution. I am not sure how the Force platform can help me. Any comments on Sales Force platform would be of great help.


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The SaaS Rails Kit (not free, and authored by me, so I'm obviously biased) would be a good starting point for you.

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