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I'm building a nested navigation bar, here is the jsFiddle:

the nested menus are on the third item, "Collezioni": so far so good. But adding Cufon triggers a strange problem: "hovering" the nested menus and going away from them all the way down, the "Collezioni" link disappears!

Well, it doesn't really disappear: it retains the #fff color (:hover) instead of going back to #111 (normal state), and since the background is white too, it "disappears". Going all the way UP (without "hovering" the nested menus) has no problem.

I'm sure it's a Cufon related problem since the first version (without Cufon) is working nice.

Please, can you help to solve this? Thanks in advance

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Ok, found the solution here:

And here's the new jsFiddle:

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