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I am trying to get the correct context of "this" when calling a method inside a prototype. It appears that the this keyword is referencing the callback method and not the prototype object that that $.getJSON is being used on. How do I correctly call the object's Timer within the getJSON callback?

function Stocks()
    var Timer;

Stocks.prototype.GetQuote = function ()

    var requestURL = ""; //Some URL filled

    $.getJSON(requestURL, function(result)
         //Error Line
         clearTimeout(this.Timer); //This is the wrong context
    this.Timer = setTimeout(this.QueryRequest.bind(this, ''), 1000);
Stocks.prototype.QueryRequest= function ()
    this.Timer = setTimeout(this.QueryRequest.bind(this, ''), 1000);
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this.Timer.clearTimeout() = undefined since this is referencing the callback –  cgatian Sep 26 '11 at 15:27

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You can bind the function, which will force the function to be run with a certain this value:

$.getJSON(requestURL, (function(result) {

     // this 'this' is the same 'this' as before and after
     // the JSON call due to .bind


// create a new function with a fixed 'this' value. To be specific, set it to
// the current 'this' value so that the inner and outer 'this' value are equal

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That works! Thank you! –  cgatian Sep 26 '11 at 15:35

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