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I have a file in hdfs with 100 columns, which i want to proces using pig. I want to load this file into a tuple with columns names in a separate pig script, and reuse this script from other pig scripts. How do I do this?

Say this 100 column pig script is - 100col.pig. How do i call it from anotherone.pig?

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Check into the exec command (for batch processing) or the run command (for interactive scripts). Also, if you need to use (non-grunt) shell commands, check the fs command. Here's a good reference:


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The run command did it! exec doesn't work in my case because i want the variables defined within 100col.pig to be available from my second script. RUN did it. thanks! –  hese Sep 26 '11 at 16:13
As you hint, RUN has additional side-effects; see also this later SO answer that explains more about RUN versus EXEC. –  hoc_age Jul 15 at 20:36

You should try using macros that is present in pig version 0.9.


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Here there are 2 options as mentioned above. Pig gives run and exec commands to tackle your requirement.

exec command is there for calling a pig script that is inependent and a standalone run. run command is there for running a pigscipt and preserve its variables and aliases.

I suppose you need to check out the run command to achieve your requirements. http://pig.apache.org/docs/r0.9.1/cmds.html#run

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