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What's the Resharper shortcut for closing Find Usages or similar type of window?

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Ctrl+Shift+F4 will close most recently used tab in any ReSharper toolwindow. Shift+Esc will close the toolwindow. Esc inside toolwindow will focus code editor.

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Works like a charm! –  Paul S Sep 26 '11 at 18:43

Find Usages is a Tool Window like any other, so the shortcut to close it is Shift+Esc (or, if this doesn't appear to work, check what it says in VS Tools | Options..., Keyboard, Window.CloseToolWindow).

THAT SAID I've always been slightly hazy on how to use the keyboard to get focus to / from Tool Windows - Ctrl+Tab works fine from a code window into a Tool Window, but doesn't always seem to work to get you out...

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Thank you for Ctrl+Tab shortcut –  Paul S Sep 26 '11 at 18:45
Getting focus to a specific tool window is something I do with the specific keys for the specific window - for the Resharper Find Results tool window, thats ctrl+alt+F12. Then crtl_esc works great. Additionally, if you have all your tool Windows as auto-hide, it doesn't really matter which one you open with a keyboard combination - get focus to any and crtl-esc will get rid of all of it. –  Dave Rael Nov 7 at 13:29

I use Ctrl+F4.

Shift + Esc doesn't work for me even though "Options... Keyboard" "Window.CloseWindow" shows Shift + Esc. (VS 2013, R# 8.2)

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