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I've tried adding style: float: right to the button but it isn't working.

         xtype: 'button',
         id: 'previmagebutton',
         // text: 'p',
         iconCls: 'arrow_left',
         iconMask: true,
         style: 'float: right'


  myapp.cards.home = new Ext.Panel({
        scroll: 'vertical',
        id: "home-card",

        items: [header]

  myapp.mainPanel = new Ext.Panel({
        fullscreen: true,
        layout: "card",
        cardAnimation: 'slide',
        items: [myapp.cards.home]

I have to use the add method if that is what's causing the problem. Many thanks.

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In your myapp.cards.home object you have the layout set up to align:"center".

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Hi llya, that doesn't help unfortunately. After further experimentation it seems that one cannot float buttons in sencha touch or extjs, even if you create a simple example like a fullscreen panel with minimal configuration and just a button in it. Absolute positioning is the only way, unless the button is in a toolbar in which case you can use the spacer. If you find a way to use floats please do let me know. Thanks. –  david watkins Sep 27 '11 at 8:00

I've succeeded in creating a floating button by using


config on the button. It is a private member, so I'm still looking for an official way.

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This should work ::

layout : {
    type : 'vbox',
    align : 'left'

or you can add a spacer if its in the toolbar, or if you stretch the element, then add another hbox element on its side with a flex that occupies as much space that you don't need

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