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I am building an ecommerce site. When the user copy pasta's a list into a "description" text area I need to be able to display it that way inside a <p> tag. Right now it is all jumbled together. I have tried the replace method to replace the newline with a <br/>, but it displays the <br/> as if its part of the string. I'm sure it's not hard, I'm just having a hard time finding my answer.

Here is the code in my view:

<p id="description"><%: Model.Description.Replace(Environment.NewLine, "<br/>") %></p>

In my controller I just save the encoded string in my database and then grab it out and pass it as is to the view.

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You need to use a regular expression. If you are doing this with javascript you can try this

value = value.replace(/\n/g, '<br />');

That means, find all instances of the new line character in the string and replace it with a html line break.

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The <br/> is shown as text because the contents of your control get html encoded automatically.

Use an Literal control to display the list, the html-tags will then not be encoded and <br/> will be shown as a line break.

Keep in mind though, that showing unencoded data coming from a user can be dangerous. (scripting attacks)

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