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Can I convert a SQL Server Express 2008 database to SQLite?

My database is simple and only has 1 table but it has about 1000 rows and it's hard for me to make a new SQLite database and add these 1000 records.


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Try this: Convert SQL Server DB to SQLite DB

It is a free .net converter on CodeProject, the poster stated:

I needed to convert the existing SQL server databases to SQLite databases as part of a DB migration program and did not find any decent free converter to do the job.

So I assume he has spent some time looking for what you seek and did not have any luck either.

The source code is available and well documented (according to the poster).

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There are many software that can generate the inserts code. For example:

Sql Workbench (free)

Aqua Data Studio (non free but you can evaluate)

Both can generate inserts from many different databases including SQL Server.

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