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Can someone point me to an example of using Akka Camel integration module - using the Java API. I have a use case where a REST service is called that would start some Akka Actors in parallel to process the request and then each would push partial results to the web browser (Comet style). I saw one example here but unfortunately I don't know scala and I would like to see this in Java.

Has anyone translated this examples into Java?


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Most of the examples for Akka Camel show both the Scala version of the code, and then the Java version: http://akka.io/docs/akka-modules/1.2/modules/camel.html

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Not a valid link anymore –  mirelon Jan 19 at 8:51

Nowadays, you can get all tutorials, samples with Typesafe reactive platform which you can get from Akka website. The latest documentation for Akka Java and Scala is always available here. It contains everything, including Akka Extensions like Akka Camel.

Furthermore, if you don't want to use Typesafe reactive platform application you can browse Git-Hub Akka Samples

PS: unfortunately I don't have enough reputation to add more than 2 links to my answer...

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