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I'm using Rails 3.1 and I'm trying to process a file with two template handlers.

Well, I have registered a new template handler for .scss files. Now want to process files like this one:


Through 2 template handlers. First ERB and after that SCSS. This way we can have dynamic scss files.

I tried this template handler:

class ActionView::Template::Handlers::Sass

  def initialize options = {}
    @options = options

  def erb_handler
    @erb_handler ||= ActionView::Template.registered_template_handler(:erb)

  def call template
    source =

compiler = *Compass.configuration.to_compiler_arguments
options  = compiler.options.merge(#{@options.inspect}), options).render

However, in that case source equals to this:

"@output_buffer = output_buffer ||;@output_buffer.safe_concat('$background_color: \"#ff0000\";\n\n$test: ');@output_buffer.append= ( 'test' );@output_buffer.safe_concat(';\n\n.container {\n  background-color: $background_color;\n}\n');@output_buffer.to_s"

and I can't easily extract only "the real source".

Any ideas how this could be done?

Thank you in advance!

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Did you find a solution? Because I'm trying to do something like that, but I can't get the "real" source. – basgys Aug 20 '12 at 13:29

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Doesn't the Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline already support stacking pre-processors?

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Sure, however in the assets pipeline you don't have access to the application environment. The assets are served as separate and independent requests. – Stan Bright Sep 26 '11 at 18:36

All you have to do is to return a string just like ERB does.

Here is my handler which inline CSS code :

module EmvHandler
    def self.erb_handler
        @@erb_handler ||= ActionView::Template.registered_template_handler(:erb)

        compiled_source =
        options = {
           :warn_level => Premailer::Warnings::SAFE,
           :with_html_string => true
        ";#{compiled_source};end), #{options}).to_inline_css"

compiler_source must be wrapped by a begin-end statement. Otherwise it will raise a syntax error.

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