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I have the following code:

function showError(l, msg) {


$('#form').submit(function() {
  if($('#username').val() == '') {
    showError('labelUser', 'Please enter a username');
    return false;
  if($('input[type=password]')[0].value != $('input[type=password]')[1].value) {
    showError('labelPassword', 'Password does not match');
    return false;
  // etc...
  return true;


I have in my form a total of 10 fields (name, first name, email etc...). As you can see in my script (//etc...), I repeat the SAME case over and over if a field is valid or not.

I think repeating the showError and return false is not a good solution.

Is there an easier way (or better) to use validate data? Thank you

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Is there a reason you don't use the jQuery Validation plugin? It makes this type of thing super easy. –  BNL Sep 26 '11 at 17:56

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Use the jQuery Validation Plugin.


It does this type of thing without writing any code.

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