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I need to programtically retrieve passwords stored in kdb. I am thinking of Java and found the following: keepass4j. However, it does not seem to have an active community.

Can anyone suggest alternatives that they are aware of?

Thanks, Neel

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Maybe it will help you: – artspb Aug 1 '12 at 5:54
Did you find anything in the end? I actually need to write kdbx files (keeps 2.x), but I could only find the same projects mentioned here -- both seem stuck on 1.x and basically dead. – Giacomo Lacava Dec 3 '14 at 20:29
@GiacomoLacava check out the KPScript plugin – jordanpg Mar 19 '15 at 17:54

There is a C# for developing plugins that could probably be adapted to do some basic tasks. I believe this is what @Ronnie Overby did. This is described here:

Alternatively, you could wrap the KPScript plugin to do basic user actions from the CLI. This is probably the best bet for anyone not using C#.

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Sorry, this may not help you, but here's how I pulled it off in c#:

var dbpath = @"C:\path\to\passwords.kdbx";
var masterpw = "Your$uper$tr0ngMst3rP@ssw0rd";

var ioConnInfo = new IOConnectionInfo { Path = dbpath };
var compKey = new CompositeKey();
compKey.AddUserKey(new KcpPassword(masterpw));

var db = new KeePassLib.PwDatabase();
db.Open(ioConnInfo, compKey, null);

var kpdata = from entry in db.RootGroup.GetEntries(true)
                select new
                    Group = entry.ParentGroup.Name,
                    Title = entry.Strings.ReadSafe("Title"),
                    Username = entry.Strings.ReadSafe("UserName"),
                    Password = entry.Strings.ReadSafe("Password"),
                    URL = entry.Strings.ReadSafe("URL"),
                    Notes = entry.Strings.ReadSafe("Notes")


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