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I'm trying to retrieve the last modified date of a file on the server using node.js.

I've tried




both come back as undefined.

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You should use the stat function :

According to the documentation :

fs.stat(path, [callback])

Asynchronous stat(2). The callback gets two arguments (err, stats) where stats is a fs.Stats object. It looks like this:

{ dev: 2049
, ino: 305352
, mode: 16877
, nlink: 12
, uid: 1000
, gid: 1000
, rdev: 0
, size: 4096
, blksize: 4096
, blocks: 8
, atime: '2009-06-29T11:11:55Z'
, mtime: '2009-06-29T11:11:40Z'
, ctime: '2009-06-29T11:11:40Z' 

As you can see, the mtime is the last modified time.

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Ah thanks! Missed that in my searches!!! – Fred Sep 26 '11 at 18:36
you can use also sync version: fs.statSync(path) returns same object. – Lukas Liesis Jan 27 at 23:50

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