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We have developed an iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry app for our product. We also have an ASP.NET MVC mobile website that provides the same content as the native apps for any of the sorry folks who don't have a device that supports one of the native apps.

We are successfully using the Flurry SDKs to submit data for our iPhone, Android, and Blackberry apps but would also like to submit and track the same data for our mobile website. Each platform has the exact same screens as the other, so it makes sense to have all of the analytic data recorded in the same manner, and reported in the same interface.

We are aware of Google Analytics and Google Analytics for Mobile but again, we want our clients to be able to view report on all platforms from the same system.

Is it possible to submit data to Flurry without using a native mobile SDK? It seems they only give you options to add a native application in the "Add an Application" configuration on their site - how would you add a mobile website?

If someone has done this before, I would love to hear the details. Thanks.

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