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I'm using Google Test and Google Mock for my C++/Qt application. I've been having great success with this setup until just now when I tried this:

QList<AbstractSurface::VertexRow> rowList;
for (unsigned i = 0; i < rows; ++i)
    AbstractSurface::VertexRow curRow(new AbstractSurface::Vertex[cols]);
    for (unsigned j = 0; j < cols; ++j)
        curRow[j] = AbstractSurface::Vertex();
ON_CALL(surface, numRows_impl()).WillByDefault(Return(rows));
ON_CALL(surface, numColumns_impl()).WillByDefault(Return(cols));
ON_CALL(surface, popAllRows_impl()).WillOnce(Return(rowList));
/* ... */

Attempting to compile this results in the following error message from gcc:

../../3DWaveSurface/test/ In member function ‘virtual void<unnamed>::WaterfallPresenterTest_CallingPaintGLCallsPaintRowForEachRowInSurface_Test::TestBody()’:
../../3DWaveSurface/test/ error: ‘class testing::internal::OnCallSpec<QList<boost::shared_array<AbstractSurface::Vertex> >()>’ has no member named ‘WillOnce’

If it helps, VertexRow is a typedef for a boost::shared_array<Vertex> and Vertex is a struct with a valid empty constructor.

Is this an error in what I wrote for the test or some incompatibility with using QList or shared_array?

SOLUTION After following VJo's recommendation, my tests compiled and ran but then crashed:

Stack trace:
: Failure
Uninteresting mock function call - returning default value.
    Function call: popAllRows_impl()
    The mock function has no default action set, and its return type has no default value set.
The process "/home/corey/development/3DWaveSurface-build-desktop-debug/test/test" crashed.

Because there was no default return for popAllRows_impl(). I added a default:

ON_CALL(surface, popAllRows_impl()).WillByDefault(Return(QList<AbstractSurface::VertexRow>()));

To my SetUp() and all is well. As VJo pointed out, there is no WillOnce() for ON_CALL but there is for EXPECT_CALL and I missed this in the cook book..

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The simplest solution is :

EXPECT_CALL(surface, popAllRows_impl()).WillOnce(Return(rowList));


ON_CALL has WillByDefault, but no WillOnce method. Check the gmock cookbook

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This actually worked (with one addition I did to my setup). Will post complete solution in original question. – Corey D Sep 26 '11 at 19:37

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