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I'm writing a class, which, at some point, has to have all its fields assigned from an other item of this class.

I did it through reflection:

        for(Field f:pg.getClass().getDeclaredFields()){
            f.set(this, f.get(pg));

The problem is, that this class contains a field, which is final. I could skip it by name, but to me that seems not elegant at all.

What's the best way to check if a field is final in java using reflection?

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The best and only one way is: Modifier.isFinal(f.getModifiers())


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You can use getModifiers() method on the Field variable:

if((f.getModifiers() & java.lang.reflect.Modifier.FINAL) == java.lang.reflect.Modifier.FINAL)
    //this is final field
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