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The MsDropDown located at: https://github.com/jgb146/ms-Dropdown/blob/master/msdropdown/js/jquery.dd.js only opening with a "slideDown" animation.

How I can fix that to open with a slideUp animation?

Anyone have a CSS or jQuery tricks?

My example:

  <html:select property="genericLayoutForm.chart" style="width:300px; height:82px" styleClass="mydds" styleId="chart"> 
  <html:optionsCollection styleClass="mydd" property="genericLayoutForm.charts" /> 

Does someone have a solution for it? Maybe the creator of MsDropDown could create some new parameters to enable users to use, for example: slideUpAnimation or slideDownAnimation.

Thanks a lot!

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any luck figuring this out ? –  mireille raad Dec 9 '12 at 5:11

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var oDropdown = $("#dropdownId").msDropdown(openDirection:alwaysUp ).data("dd");
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