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Quick one here. I am trying to EnumerateFiles in a C# application and I want to find all the files in a directory that do not match a given pattern. So I would have something like this:

 var files = Directory.EnumerateFiles("MY_DIR_PATH", "NOT_MY_FILE_NAME");

Can someone help me out with the not part?

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I don't think you can use that overload of EnumerateFiles for this, but you can use linq:

Directory.EnumerateFiles("MY_DIR_PATH").Where(s => s != "NOT_MY_FILE_NAME");

or in query syntax:

var files = from f in Directory.EnumerateFiles("MY_DIR_PATH")
            where f != "NOT_MY_FILE_NAME"
            select f;
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Exactly what I needed to know, thanks (I'm a bit of a LINQ noob) – Matthew Sep 26 '11 at 20:56

You can do something like that:

var files = Directory.EnumerateFiles("MY_DIR_PATH")
                     .Where(fileName => fileName != "MY_FILE_NAME");
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How about

var files = Directory.GetFiles("MY_DIR_PATH")
    .Where(f => !f.Contains("NOT_MY_FILE_NAME"));
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