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Here is a sample situation:

<smth onmouseover="test('hello')">
function test(pLabel)
    var sender = ?;
    var evt = ? || window.event;

In the function test() - how do i get the object that i hovered the mouse on and the mouse event? I've tried playing with the callee property but didn't get it to work in IE.

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It's best not to define your event handlers in the HTML itself. Try this:

<div id="something">...</div>


document.getElementById('something').onmouseover = function() {
    // use `this` to reference the <div>
    alert(; // alerts "something"
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-1 because while this is good advice, it's not at all relevant nor helpful to the original question. – KOGI Jan 14 '13 at 21:31

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