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I have a query that keeps timing out in SQL Server. The biggest table in the query only has a few hundred rows. Basically I'm trying to match up data in a bunch of tables with the novaPost field in tblNovaPosts to create a report. How should I change this query to make it run faster?

SELECT TOP (100) PERCENT tblNovaPosts.type, tblNovaPosts.novaPost,
ISNULL(SUM(tblAuditTrail.amount), 0) AS FUNDING,
ISNULL(SUM(tbl510.allot), 0) AS ALLOT,
ISNULL(SUM(tblStanfin.oblig), 0)
+ ISNULL(SUM(tblSof.obligationsCum), 0)
+ ISNULL(SUM(tblSpecAppt.obligations), 0) 
+ ISNULL(SUM(tblJlens.obligationsCum), 0)
- ISNULL(SUM(viewReimbObs.reimbObs), 0) AS OBLIGATED, 
ISNULL(SUM(tblSof.commitmentsNonCum), 0)
+ ISNULL(SUM(tblRmt.commitment),0)
+ ISNULL(SUM(tblReimb.commitmentsNonCum), 0)
- ISNULL(SUM(viewReimbObs.reimbObs), 0) AS DIRCOMMIT
tblAuditTrail ON tblNovaPosts.novaPost = tblAuditTrail.novaPost LEFT OUTER JOIN
tbl510 ON tblNovaPosts.novaPost = tbl510.novaPost LEFT OUTER JOIN
tblStanfin ON tblNovaPosts.novaPost = tblStanfin.novaPost LEFT OUTER JOIN
tblSof ON tblNovaPosts.novaPost = tblSof.novaPost LEFT OUTER JOIN
tblSpecAppt ON tblNovaPosts.novaPost = tblSpecAppt.novaPost LEFT OUTER JOIN
tblJlens ON tblNovaPosts.novaPost = tblJlens.novaPost LEFT OUTER JOIN
viewReimbObs ON tblNovaPosts.novaPost = viewReimbObs.novaPost1 LEFT OUTER JOIN
tblRmt on tblNovaPosts.novaPost = tblRmt.novaPost LEFT OUTER JOIN
tblReimb ON tblNovaPosts.novaPost = tblReimb.novaPost
GROUP BY tblNovaPosts.type, tblNovaPosts.novaPost
ORDER BY tblNovaPosts.type, tblNovaPosts.novaPost
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TOP (100) PERCENT doesn't make any sense.. –  Magnus Sep 26 '11 at 21:27
I've seen it in views when one wants to force an default order by –  Conrad Frix Sep 26 '11 at 21:31
@Conrad - That hasn't worked since SQL Server 2000 –  Martin Smith Sep 26 '11 at 21:32
@Conrad if this is a View and he is running SQL server 2000, having a ORDER BY might be the source of the problem since the query optimizer wont be able to expand the view (when used in other query statements) –  Magnus Sep 26 '11 at 21:38
@Martin sorry, tough to interpret what/how you were asking, but no, that was not the behavior I was talking about. –  Aaron Bertrand Sep 26 '11 at 22:23

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View the query plan. Oftentimes SQL Server will give you an index recommendation.

Click this button:

execution plan

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There is something suspicious about all the LEFT OUTER JOINs. Are you quite sure that is what you need?

Also, I notice you are outer joining to a table called tblAuditTrail. That seems likely to produce a cartesian product of 2 tables.

Perhaps you should test each join individually to check you are not actually requesting ten gzillion rows instead of just the few hundred you were expecting.

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