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I have a question about building a custom dictionary for hunspell. I'm using a general English dictionary and affix file right now, and I want to add user specified words to that dictionary for each of my users. I was wondering if anyone know how can I do that.

Any help or direction would be great.

Thanks, Amin

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create your own word-list and affix file for your language, if that doesn't exist. Well, for papiamentu - Curaçao's native language - such dictionary doesn't exist. But I had a hard time finding out how to create such files, so I am documenting it here:

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Hey cara @waldir A great job you're doing, can you please explain in more detaill the "frequency list of characters", what is the input file and what the output one, I mean is "words" corresponding to the words list file and where should I put the results, under what name, this part is not clear, what is better the first method or the second? – Andrés Chandía Feb 25 '14 at 15:11
@AndrésChandía I didn't write this answer, I just edited it to fix the markdown. You should contact the original writer of this answer instead (user1250098). Try here: – waldyrious Feb 26 '14 at 2:06

I'm trying to do the same but haven't found enough information to begin yet.

However, you may want to look at hunspell - format of Hunspell dictionaries and affix files .


If you are working with .NET, you can download Hunspell .NET port. Using it is fairly easy too.

var bee = new Hunspell();
var suggestions = bee.Suggest("misspel_word");
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I am implementing this type of feature as well. Once you've created the Hunspell object with an associated dictionary you can add individual words to it.

Keep in mind though that these words will only be available for as long as the Hunspell object is alive. Every time you access a new object you will have to add all the user defined words again.

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Have a look at the documentation in openoffice

specially this document

It's a good starting point

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