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Had this problem when trying to display a Dialog with a time picker where an exception is thrown if I initialize the TimePickerDialog with the context returned from getBaseContext() as opposed to using a "this" reference to the current activity. So this code is fine

protected Dialog onCreateDialog( int id )
   return new TimePickerDialog( this , mTimeSetListener, hr, min, false);

but this code throws an exception

protected Dialog onCreateDialog( int id )
   return new TimePickerDialog( getBaseContext(), mTimeSetListener, hr, min, false);

If I want to display a Toast then I would use

    Toast.makeText( getBaseContext() , ... 

and this also works.

My question is I would have thought the context I want the Dialog to display in would be the baseContext so why does a Toast work using this but a Dialog needs a reference to "this" , ie, the current activity as I would have thought they are both very similar in how they work?

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Do not use getBaseContext() unless you know what you are doing and have a very specific and concrete reason for using it.

You do not need it for a Toast, and you do not need it for a Dialog. Whatever Activity you are using for those is a perfectly good Context for creating Toasts and Dialogs, so just use this.

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