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I've been working on implementing an ASP.Net Wizard control and have been having trouble finding the "Next" and "Previous" buttons to enable/disable them as needed.

The page I am working on is a Content Page within a Master Page set. I am able to get the Wizard control from the page, but when I try to find the "StartNavigationTemplateContainerID" it cannot findt he container. As a result I'm unable to find the button within the container.

I've set all of my Start, Step and Finish templates up (instead of the stock buttons) but that didn't help.

I know my code works, because when I'm not inside a Master Page I can find the controls as expected. Once I try to use a Master Page then the wizard cannot find the navigation template or any controls within it.

Any ideas?



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I know this is an old post but i was facing the same issue and i found this link and was very helpful for me:


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