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I am planning to create a website like IMDB. I am not sure where exactly to start. So I thought I would ask here for suggestions.

I need a CMS to manage the data? Is it better to start with PHP, Joomla or Drupal. I will obviously start with small subset of features but eventually my website will have these features:

  1. Search for movies, artists, composers, trailers, etc. Basically search for any information about movies.
  2. Users can add comments and provide ratings/reviews for movies.
  3. Users can discuss about various topics about movies or a particular movie
  4. Users will be able to maintain their user profiles
  5. I should be able to expose REST APIs.
  6. Link facebook accounts to the website for sharing.

I am looking for suggestions for the best approach. I am ready to learn a new programming language. My experience is only Java, Java EE type apps. But hosting java apps can cost a pretty penny. So, I am looking at PHP (Joomla, Drupal), Python etc..

Any suggestions on best practices and language choice are appreciated.

PS: I know i cannot make a big business out of it since IMDB is already huge. I am just trying to build this to expand my knowledge and understanding about how to use a CMS etc.. and at the same time be able to use it for movies in some languages that IMDB don't have.

Thank you.

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There's no 'right' answer to this - start with whatever you'd like and as it grows, if it doesn't meet your needs, change to something that does. Joomla and Drupal are both very similar and both enjoy big communities so you could get started with either. –  mwan Sep 26 '11 at 23:42

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I strongly suggest that you start with something small. The first project or two you write is going to be really bad. No matter how hard you try it's impossible to teach yourself a language over the course of one project. Knowing syntax is one thing, knowing the philosphy is another.

Prepare a list of frameworks that you'd like to get familiar with. Then take your time and research them online. Try to find their strong and weak sides, get the general philosophy, which problems they try to solve and how they approach them. Once you get that info compiled, sort the list by your gut feeling about each of the projects. Then start trying them out one by one.

Get yourself accustomed to the language, follow the project's tutorials and try to get something done. It's important to tackle an actual problem because most tutorials are carefully constructed to show the features the developers are most proud of. Sometimes as soon as you wander out of the comfort zone of the tutorial you will start to hit design problems, tradeoffs and limitations. It's also important that you try out more than one project before picking a winner.

Again, start small. Do a couple of test projects to get yourself accustomed to a new environment. Only then start working on bigger things.

As for picking a platform for anything big, I suggest you look for frameworks rather than "out of the box" solutions like Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal.

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